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Urban Siluet


The success of 365 Skinny is leaving customers looking for what's next.

What we have is bigger than we can imagine!

Introducing the new 365 Skinny Urban Siluet!!

1. Choline
Vitamin B High Content Nutrient, regulates the brain and the nervous system, increases memory, Thermogenic, muscle control.

2. Methionine: Protein, is responsible for transporting fat to cells to turn it into energy, and achieve optimal muscle performance and tone at various levels.

3. Beet leaf powder
Maximum Antioxidant Properties, great capacity for oxygen absorption

4. Black Radish Powder
Favors the digestion and expulsion of fats.
It's rich in fiber, helps to reduce blood glucose while protecting against constipation.

5. Senna leaf
Natural Laxative, controls constipation and cleans the gut

6. Sacred Shell
Used for deep intestinal and colon cleansing

7. Rhubarb root

Decreases swelling, Vitamin A, b, c, powerful natural antioxidant for a good skin tone

8. L Carnitine:
Promotes loss of fat as the energy increase are two proven benefits

9. Asparagus Root
This root contains vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that promote soft and healthy skin, increases levels of joy and happiness, powerful sexual aphrodisiac tonic for men and women. Since this grass relaxes the mind and helps reduce stress can be used as a dream inducer.

10. Bitter Orange
Powerful Fat Reducer