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Chupapanza Meal Replacement Shakes
Malteada Chupapanza

Chupapanza Meal Replacement shake
A delicious way to Substitute Breakfast or Dinner or a good healthy snack

Content 500 grams Makes 30 shakes

Flavors: 🍓Strawberry 🍫Chocolate Vanilla ☕Cappuccino 🍪Cookie

No sugar and 0 fat

For Men and Women

INGREDIENTS: 🍂Oat 🌿Stevia 🌼Amaranto 🥙Mixed legumes 🌾 Chia seed 🌸Hoodia Gordonii 🍚L-Carnitine African mango 🌵🌱

Natural flavor BENEFITS:

✅ Provides energy

✅Improves digestion

✅Accelerates metabolism

✅Control excess appetite

✅Ideal to satisfy your cravings

✅Provides protein with high nutritional value



✅Nourish and maintain your figure It can be taken by people with hypertension and/or diabetes and women who are breastfeeding

💁🏼‍♀️ How to use: 2 tablespoons (17gr) to 240 ml of milk🥛 of your choice, dissolve in a blender or shaker

This item is shipped USPS Priority Optin only mandatory due to the weight. It is suggested you order this with your other products in the same order.

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