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Fast Reduce Hydroxycitic Acid (HCA) is effective in safely accelerating weight loss. It has been shown that HCA in athletes increases lipolysis (fat burning) and can improve the synthesis Ach-acetylcholine (Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter responsible for muscle contraction and an improvement in its synthesis can improve athletic performance by increasing resistance to exercise). It is also known that Fast Reduce HCA prevents recovery of lost weight (rebound effect) and when used in conjunction with L-Carnitine is more effective in promoting fat loss. HCA has been shown to cause weight loss without stimulating the central nervous system; And can also offer protection to the immune system.

Fast Reduce Capsaicin is the best natural substance to accelerate our metabolism (thermogenic effect), present in cayenne pepper, and together with hydroxycitic acid, potentiates fat burning by accelerating metabolism effectively and safely. In addition to its effect on weight loss, cayenne pepper is of great help to improve blood pressure levels, improve blood flow in the body and even optimize sexual function.

1- Effective control of appetite
2- Inhibits the production of fat
3- Increases metabolism
4- Improves the digestive process
5- Prevent recovery of lost weight (rebound effect)
6. Reinforces the immune system
7- Double thermogenic action (Acceleration metabolism) HCA - Capsaicin.

PRESENTATION: Bottle of 30 capsules of 550mg

INGREDIENTS: Green tea (Camellia sinensis), Cayenne pepper (Capsicum - Cayenne), Malva (Sylvestris malva), Garcinia cambogia (Tamarindo malabar), Bromelina (Ananas comosus, digestive enzyme of pineapple), L - Carnitine.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take one capsule daily, preferably in the morning.

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