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Lipo Talla Grasa

lipotalla grasa

Lipo Talla Grasa

Lipo Talla Energy Boost & Fat Burner 

  • Rids wastes, burns fat, boosts detoxification of stored fat.

  • Detoxifies your body

  • Removes fat accumulation

  • Encapsulates body waste

  • Very powerful natural intestinal absorbent

Ingredients Lipo Talla Grasa:

Raiz de Tejocote, Vinagre de manzana

L-CArnitine, Indian Lotus  (Tejocote Root, Apple Cider Vinegar L-Carnitine, Indian Lotus).

Take 1 capsule per daywhen needed for energy, or take before doing any physical activated. 30 capsules per bottle.

YES! This may be used with our other Lipo Talla Products in combination. Drink Plenty of water daily.

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