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Apple Benefit ByPass Premium


Apple Benefit Bypass Premium, ideal to start your treatment, lose 3 to 6 kilos without diet or exercise.

Apple Benefit Bypass Premium is for people who are beginning their change, people who have not tried slimming products or who have found the Select formula very strong.


Effective for men and women over the age of 18 and under the age of 60!


  •   Keep your appetite satisfied during the day.

  • Generates repulsion for food you shouldn't eat. 

  • Increase caloric burning up to 120 % according to your overweight. 

  • Reduce your body's carbohydrate absorption by up to 40 %. 

  •   Process accumulated caloric intake and day as energy for the brain and physical energy.

  It does not generate dependency by being a product of natural origin.

  BONUS: May assist to Normalize cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

  It does not require diets or exercise, therefore it does not generate a rebound effect.

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