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What does it benefit you?

PINK is composed of 6 essential ingredients for women's health:

WATER: The water is a Peruvian fruit which has many benefits for the woman among them is to maintain hormonal control and that your body works in optimal conditions, this involves having a healthy appearance of your hair, nails, skin.. It also helps to get rid of the annoying premenstrual symptoms and everything that entails, helps to remove QUISTES AND MIOMAS, PLUS IT UPGRADE YOUR CURVES remember that the hole keeps your skin clean from acne and also improves blood circulation and removes retention of liquids.

MACA black, RED MACA AND YELLOW MACA will help you maintain a perfect mood, more energy, no depression without anxiety, no stress, plus it strengthens your immune system by helping you keep your body healthy and sugar free in your blood, cholesterol and high pressure, INCREASE YOUR SEXUAL LIBID allowing you to enjoy your sexuality to the fullest plus it combats fertility and ovulation problems and of course eliminates all symptoms of the most annoying stage in women menopause.

CAMU CAMU: Keeps your body healthy x inside and out as you purge your liver to evacuate the fats and toxins held in your body, take care of your pancreas stimulating the release of insulin, perfect for diabetic, fires allergies to others that you keeps in a good mood remembering that Camu Camu is a natural collagen producer what favors Women..

HYDROLIZED COLLAGEN: The latter plays a super important role in women as it helps keep skin free from stretch marks, free from CELLULITIS, enhances skin elasticity, takes care of your hair by preventing fall and regenerating it, take care of your bones, joints and ligaments to keep them strong and healthy, avoid back and knee pains, mostly prevents your body from developing the horrible cloth wrinkles or rooster legs..

You need some other benefit to start consuming PINK! It's a super complete product for women, their health and their beauty because women's health is the most important thing for us...

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