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 LIPOTalla Original !

Weight Loss capsules 100% Natural

  • Mold, Define, Reduce

  • Remove Cellulitis

  • Reduce sizes and measurements

  • Reduce your belt

  • Burning fat, increases metabolism

  • Removes fatness from the back

  • Strengthens the tissues of the abdomen

  • Avoid the sagging

  • Avoids Fat Formation in places such as the Waist, Back and Abdomen

  • Controls the appetite

  • Provides energy

Lipo Talla is a fat burner specially designed to remove fat from the BELT!

Ingredients: Lingzhi, Extract de flor naranja, Semilla de cassia, Semilla de konjak, Extracto de garinia cambogia, Acido de hidroxitrico, Citrato de, magnesio anhidro.

(Lingzhi, Orange Flower Extract, Cassia Seed, Konjak Seed, Garinia Cambogia Extract, Hydroxytric Acid, Magnesium Citrate Anhydrous.)

30 capsules per bottle, take 1 capsule per day.

Lipo Talla Original May be combined with Lipo Talla Block, Grasa, Push Up and Night Pills.

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