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Apple Benefit Maca Fem PLUS

maca fem plus

Maca Fem Plus

Unique in Mexico formulated by the best herbalists

  • Control of hormonal excess weight

  • Exclusive treatment for woman

  • Beautifies the Skin

  • Strengthens nails and hair

  • Complete appetite hormone control

  • Reaffirms glutes and chest

  • Adjusts estrogen levels optimizing weight loss

  • Regulate menstrual and painful period

  • Balance progesterone for increased calorie burning

  • Mold and slim without losing curves

  • Normalizes thyroid in production, speeding up the metabolic function of the body

  • Fighting cysts and myomas

  • Enhances sexuality

Slim down without losing your curves

Ideal for fat located around waist area.

Accelerate even the slowest metabolism.

It doesn't relax or generate dependence or rebound

30 capsules treatment for one month

Mode of use:

Take one capsule 15 minutes before breakfast

Drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water during the day

Moderate alcohol consumption as the capsule loses its benefits

It is not necessary to diet or exercise but if you exercise you will get faster results

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