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tummy tuck intense detox


A detox INTENSE of liver, kidney and gut. It's not just to go to the bathroom and its effect isn't laxative! It's beyond just helping us evacuate.

Helps us regulate constipation, abdominal inflammation and colitis, why ideal is for our body and organs to purify and so be in a reset mode!! To be able to continue our weight loss.

Why isn't it just a matter of looking good but of feeling good.

Form of consumption:

Take a capsule before bed alternating nights. 


Cardo Mariano.- is a powerful detox for its great capacity to build liver regeneration. It has an effective effect against the effects of alcohol, pesticides, heavy metals and environmental pollution. Helps control cholesterol, enhances triglycerides, helps control blood sugar levels.

Mauve leaf.- anti-inflammatory, laxative, scarring, digestive soothing and expectant helps with irritated stomach.

Papaina.- helps with digestive device, helps digestion, reduces muscle pain inflammation and swelling.

Garcinia Cambogia.- Help regulate appetite.

Cocolmeca.- helps with weight loss as well as treating kidney disease, is a powerful diuretic and blood purifier.

Tamarind.- excellent source of fiber and vitamins from group B, C and E. Natural and diuretic laxative

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