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Apple Benefit Matcha Energy Detox

apple benefit matcha pills

Fights constipation

Selected 100% natural Fine Fibers, Energetic formula

Detox that will give intestinal mobility and purification to the organism.

To Use Matcha Energy Detox:

It is suggested to take one capsule at the beginning of the day

  • Activate the metabolism

  • Speed ​​up weight loss

  • 100% Natural Energetic

  • Eliminates and stops fluid retention

  • Oxidize the fat

  • May assist to Reduce cholesterol and blood sugar

  • Fight constipation

  • Relieves Colitis

  • Ideal against gastritis or Detox

• Optimizes fitness performance

• Helps build muscle mass

Ingredients: Spirulina, Matcha, Guarana, Ginger,

Birdseed, Artichoke, Green Tea, Linseed, Aloe Vera.

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