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 Detox and Glow


DAILY DOUS Detox & Glow

Do you feel your body needs a reset???!

Here are some of all the reasons why it is necessary to detox:

Toxins first accumulate in the gut as a result of stress or consuming too many acidic foods, such as sugar,  white flour, caffeine, alcohol, and inflammatory foods. 

When the intestine is balanced, it tries to protect itself by secreting a substance of the glycoprotein that sticks on the whole intestinal wall. This is known as plate plaque. This substance is the one that makes the body difficult to absorb vitamins and nutrients, which could result in chronic malnutrition. When the gut becomes toxic, it pollutes the blood, which in turn, spreads toxins to the heart, lungs, brain, muscles, etc at the end, the liver starts to poison the body and after years of relentless toxicity, it will become slow until it will stop working.

A bad digestion system, not going to the bathroom daily, makes your body accumulate toxins and can lead to being overweight, plus what you don't digest, you are loading it and therefore you feel like a tired person without energy.  At this point, if toxins continue to enter, they will begin to be harvest in other parts of the body creating space for all that waste mixed with fat, and disease will manifest wherever it settles. 

There are other ailments of constipation such as gases, digestive heaviness, the feeling of swelling, and even abdominal cramps.


DAILY DOUS Detox & Glow is very effective to assist to eliminate toxins and eliminate waste accumulated in the thick intestine, is able to improve digestion and reduce symptoms of constipation as heaviness, fatigue among all ailments.

Please make sure to stay hydrated with water and electrolytes.

Each bottle of Detox & Glow contains 30 capsules. 30 Servings per bottle, 500 mg.

Ingredients: Hibiscus Sabdaniffa, Green Tea, Cynara Scolymus, Aloe, Raphanus Sativus, Citrus Paradisi

Cassia, Spirulina, Green Coffee, Melilotus Officinalis, L- Tyrosine, Lodo, Selenio.

To use: Take 1 capsules daily before breakfast with plenty of water.

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